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Welcome! My office is in Schaefer Hall, room 172. Come by any time. If the door's open, you're not interrupting. You can also schedule an appointment.
Contact me at 240-895-4371 or

Spring 2017

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My Spring 2017 office hours are Tue 2–3, Wed 1:30–2:30, Thu 9–10. If you're busy then, email me to schedule a time to meet. Or just stop by. This semester I'm teaching Survey (MATH131), Linear Algebra (MATH256) and FOM (MATH281).

Math/CS Department

Here's some of what's happening in the department.

You can take an exam to get your infinity license! There's a 246 lecture at, um, 2:46. We host an NSF-funded REU! Other things!


My main area of research is Geometric Topology, specifically 4-Manifolds and Knot Theory. I'm also interested in Geometric Group Theory and Combinatorial Games.

My classes

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Fall 2016: I'm teaching MATH151: Calculus I (Section 4 meets MWF 1:20–2:30 in Schaefer 134) and MATH281: Foundations of Mathematics (meets MWF 12:00–1:10).

Spring 2017: I'm teaching MATH256: Linear Algebra (MWF 8–9:10) and MATH281:FOM (MWF 9:20–10:30). Both classes have waiting lists. I will contact you if/when you get a spot, but I recommend taking one of the other sections if possible.

My past courses (taught at SMCM, University of The Gambia, Pomona College and Rice University) are listed in my CV.

My Research

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My primary interest in mathematics is in Geometric Topology. More specifically, my research focusses on Knot Theory and the Topology of 4-Manifolds. I'm also interested in Geometric Group Theory and Combinatorial Game Theory.

Students interested in doing research (or SMPs) in any of these areas should read (or at least skim) the linked Wikipedia pages and come see me. A course in Topology is helpful (but not essential) for studying Knot Theory. Algebra I is essential for studying Geometric Group Theory; Topology and Algebra II are essential for studying 4-manifolds.


Some of my preprints can be found here. Links to all my papers (and publication info) are in my CV. Coauthors marked with an asterisk* were undergraduates when the research was conducted.

A Note on Composite Colorings C. VanBlargan*
Divisibility Tests, Old and New
Local Moves and Restrictions on the Jones Polynomial
The Forbidden Number of a Knot A. Crans/B. Mellor
TWIST UNTANGLE and Related Knot Games A. Meadows/J. Ross*
UNTANGLE: Knots in Combinatorial Game Theory A. Meadows
Chirality vs. HOMFLY and Kauffman Polynomials A. Kapp*
Ends of 4-Manifolds

Things happening around the department

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