Heather Moon

Mathematics and Computer Science
St. Mary's College of Maryland
18952 E Fisher Road
St. Mary's City
MD 20686
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This semester I am teaching
Calculus 2 on MWF 8-9:10 and 9:20-10:30 and
Foundations of Mathematics on TU 12-1:50.

My office is in Schaefer 168. My office hours are

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6pm-7pm by appt only. by appt only. 9am-10am,4pm-5pm by appt only.
If my door is open, feel free to stop and chat.
You can also call 240.895.2197
or email hamoon AT smcm DOT edu.

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My Research


Calculus of Variations and variational techniques for real data
Partial Differential Equations
Pure and Applied Analysis
Nonsmooth Analysis and Optimization


HM and Thomas J. Asaki "A Finite Hyperplane Traversal Algorithm For 1-Dimensional $L^1pTV$ Minimization, For$0< p\leq 1$." COAP. PDF
Matthew B, Rudd and HVD, "Median Values, 1-Harmonic Functions, and Functions of Least Gradient." CPAA March 2013. PDF
HVD, Kevin R. Vixie, and Thomas J. Asaki, "Cone Monotonicity: Structure Theorem, Properties, and Comparisons to Other Notions of Monotonicity." Abstract and Applied Analysis. Vol 2013. Hindawi Pub. Corp., 2013. PDF
HVD, "A Study of $p$-Variation and the $p$-Laplacian for $0< p\leq 1$ and Finite Hyperplane Traversal Algorithms for Signal Processing." Dissertation May 2013. PDF

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I received my PhD in Mathematics at Washington State University in April 2013. Prior to finishing my PhD, I took 6 years off from graduate school. During that time I worked at Walla Walla Community College as the Director of Instructional Support and as an adjunct Math Instructor. I also spent one year teaching High School in a small town called Helix Oregon. I even spent a semester at the University of Miami in Florida (which was so not my favorite place to live). I received my Master's Degree in Mathematics from Kansas State University in 2000 and I received my Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics (with a Physics minor) from Eastern Oregon University in 1998.

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I love the outdoors. One day, I want to go backpacking in the wild for at least a month. That would be my dream vacation. I also love sports: running, soccer, volleyball, basketball,.. but I'm not good at any. I also crochet, but just for fun. To the right is a picture of the Wallowa Mountains in Oregon where I would love to spend my dream vacation.

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Contact Information


Schaeffer 168



Mailing Address

18952 E Fisher Rd,
Schaefer Hall
St. Mary's City, MD 20686


hamoon AT smcm DOT edu
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