Heather Moon

Mathematics and Computer Science
St. Mary's College of Maryland
18952 E Fisher Road
St. Mary's City
MD 20686
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This semester I am teaching
Calculus 2 on MWF 8-9:10 and 9:20-10:30 and
Foundations of Mathematics on TU 12-1:50.

My office is in Schaefer 168. My office hours are

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6pm-7pm by appt only. by appt only. 9am-10am,4pm-5pm by appt only.
If my door is open, feel free to stop and chat.
You can also call 240.895.2197
or email hamoon AT smcm DOT edu.

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My Research


Calculus of Variations and variational techniques for real data
Partial Differential Equations
Pure and Applied Analysis
Nonsmooth Analysis and Optimization


Matthew B, Rudd and HVD, "Median Values, 1-Harmonic Functions, and Functions of Least Gradient." CPAA March 2013. PDF
HVD, Kevin R. Vixie, and Thomas J. Asaki, "Cone Monotonicity: Structure Theorem, Properties, and Comparisons to Other Notions of Monotonicity." Abstract and Applied Analysis. Vol 2013. Hindawi Pub. Corp., 2013. PDF
HVD, "A Study of $p$-Variation and the $p$-Laplacian for $0< p\leq 1$ and Finite Hyperplane Traversal Algorithms for Signal Processing." Dissertation May 2013. PDF

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I received my PhD in Mathematics at Washington State University in April 2013. Prior to finishing my PhD, I took 6 years off from graduate school. During that time I worked at Walla Walla Community College as the Director of Instructional Support and as an adjunct Math Instructor. I also spent one year teaching High School in a small town called Helix Oregon. I even spent a semester at the University of Miami in Florida (which was so not my favorite place to live). I received my Master's Degree in Mathematics from Kansas State University in 2000 and I received my Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics (with a Physics minor) from Eastern Oregon University in 1998.

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I love the outdoors. One day, I want to go backpacking in the wild for at least a month. That would be my dream vacation. I also love sports: running, soccer, volleyball, basketball,.. but I'm not good at any. I also crochet, but just for fun. To the right is a picture of the Wallowa Mountains in Oregon where I would love to spend my dream vacation.

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Contact Information


Schaeffer 168



Mailing Address

18952 E Fisher Rd,
Schaefer Hall
St. Mary's City, MD 20686


hamoon AT smcm DOT edu
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