Introduction to Asian Religions

Spring 2015

Welcome to the course website for Intro to Asian Religions.

The box on the right contains links for the course, including links where you can download the course readings, helpful tips for writing your essays, and links relating to various Asian religions. 

Be sure to check the “Reading Schedule” link often, since I’ll keep this updated depending on the pace of our discussions and any changes to our daily readings. 

The box at the bottom of this page contains a link for you to upload your reflections on the daily readings, which should be uploaded the evening before our scheduled course.

Welcome to the course website for Introduction to Asian Religions at Asian University for Women, Spring 2015. The “Course Links & Resources” box on the right contains links to important information for the course, including course description and requirements, the reading schedule, tips for writing essays, helpful internet links related to the course, and more. Be sure to check the “Reading Schedule” link to keep up on the daily readings since it will most likely change.

You can also download most of the course material and read them on your computer, but don’t forget to come to class with some version of the daily readings--either with your computer or a print version.

And below is an “Announcements” section that will notify the class of upcoming events, due dates, and other important items.

Important Announcements

FINAL ESSAY: Due May 13th. 

Samuel Krauth is our TA for the course, and you can contact him here:
Read Christopher Hitchens “The Future of an Illusion” for the 1st day of class!
Watch this short 5 minute video before our 2nd Class:  Click Here to Watch the Video
We’ll collect your journals this Wednesday, January 28th. 
Presentation on Hinduism: Monday, February 9th. Be sure to come to class to support your classmates!
February 24: Updated Reading Schedule!
April 6: Updated Reading Schedule!
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Journal Reflections

Keep up on your Journal Reflections, which should include your thoughts, questions, insights, and criticisms of the readings. We’ll collect them every other Wednesday, beginning January 28th. 


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