Sophie Sommer's Seven-Color Bracelet

Below is an abbreviated pattern for Sophie Sommer's seven-color beaded crochet bracelet. Her explanation for how to reconstitute it into the full bracelet follows.

The beads are strung into a strand in the order indicated to the left. As Sommer describes, "The strand gets crocheted into a spiral that forms a cylinder and then the ends of the cylinder are sewn together to form the bracelet. This graph is actually an abbreviated version of the one used for my bracelet. In this pattern, each row is repeated twice. To make it bracelet size, I needed to stretch it out by repeating each row 8 times (so the bracelet has 4 times the number of rows shown in this graph). I also made a tiny torus, about the size of a ring, that was exactly as shown in this graph and I could see that it worked, although some colors touched at only one bead. When you make it bracelet size, the touching borders get longer." A full-sized bracelet contains 672 beads, or 96 of each color.

Here is a photo of the tiny bracelet. As you can see, the contacts between brown and blue and between green and grey are only one bead long in the miniature version.

To get a better idea of how the colors touch in the final bracelet, we can duplicate the pattern grid and glue the new copy to the original copy as the edges are connected in the actual bracelet. In the diagram below, we can clearly see that each color touches all of the other colors, and that the mechanism is similar to that in the Ungar-Leech and belcastro-Yackel maps. Each color is a long strip neighboring two other colored strips, and it contacts two more colors at each end.