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Dr. Simon Read

Associate Professor of Computer Science (2002)


Schaefer Hall, Room 150
240 895 4442


This semester (Fall 2015), I will be teaching two sections of “COSC 120 – Introduction to Computer Science I” and “COSC 230 – Computer Architecture”. Next semester (Spring 2014) I am currently scheduled to teach “COSC 130 – Introduction to Computer Science II”, “COSC 336 – Computer Networks” and “COSC 338 – Computer Graphics”.

I no longer maintain a complete archive of syllabi. Syllabi are available on request for articulation purposes. I do maintain a list of representative syllabi for those thinking about taking my classes. Please be aware that I am always in the process of revising my teaching styles including what is taught and how it is presented.


My research attempts to apply established theorem proving technology to systems level hardware/software co-design. I have a list of potential Saint Mary's Projects that will allow my students to participate in my research programme.

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