Susan Goldstine’s Family Recipes

My mother's parents were German Jews who emigrated to America in the late 1930's. I knew them by the German diminutives Oma and Opa. When they came to this country, they brought with them some traditional German and German Jewish baking recipes that are noticeably different from American baking. German desserts tend to be less sweet than their American counterparts, and the German tradition incorporates seasonal fruits in a less complicated way than the thickened fillings of pies and crumbles and cobblers.

I didn't have these dishes much when I was growing up (though I definitely remember Oma making Zwetschgenplätz when I visited Oma and Opa as a child), but when Oma started to lose her memory, Mom wanted to make sure that she taught the recipes to me so they wouldn't be lost. She still makes these now and then, but I currently hold the title of family baker.

If your family makes any versions of these recipes, I'd love to hear about it. I've found it fascinating to compare notes with German friends on their versions of these desserts.

Zwetschgenplätz (Plum Tart)

Kirschenbubele (Cherry Bread)

Sweet Yeast Dough (the base for the recipes above)

Linser Torte (when I have time to post it)

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