week class topics & readings links, screenings, etc.

28 Aug–3 Sept

What is India?
History, Geography, Culture—an astonishingly brief introduction
please review summer readings


More information on subcontinental history
More information on the literature and culture of the Indian subcontinent

Sources for maps of India on the Web

4–10 Sept

The growth of Colonization
Colonization as a cultural and historical force

Said on Orientalism; Suleri,“The Feminine Picturesque”; Cohn on forms of knowledge


Monday’s film:Raincoat (Ghosh, 2004), 120 mins.

Some notes on taking notes during film screenings

11–17 Sept

Travellers and Administrators
Early British in India: what they did, what they saw, and how they recorded their visions
Thomas Twining, Maria Graham, Emily Eden, Fanny Parkes


Monday’s film:
Heat and Dust
(Ivory, 1983), 133 mins.

Browse or search Hobson-Jobson’s Dictionary of Colloquial Anglo-Indian Words

Development of British India in the 18th century

A source for historical travel books about India and Indians

Thursday presentation on Ranjit Singh, by Scott

18–24 Sept

The space of Empire
How British colonial architecture and planning shaped the Indian subcontinent: cities, roads, and railways

Thomas Metcalf

Monday’s film (at 7:00 p.m.!): Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (That Which Runs is a Car) (Bose, 1958), 173 minutes

On Indian languages

Maps showing the progression of British occupation in India from 1785–1947

Tuesday presentation on Warren Hastings, by Ginny
Thursday presentation on Robert Clive, by Vanessa

25 Sept–1 Oct

The seductions of Sport
A case study in cricket: how sport shapes identity, defines community, alters consciousness
CLR James, Guha


Monday’s film (at 6:00 p.m.!):
Lagaan (Gowariker, 2001), 224 minutes

Cricket lessons with Sahar Shafqat, time tba

2–8 Oct

India Adapts
Indian responses to, adaptations of, British culture
Judith Walsh, Bernard Cohn

Tuesday presentation on Madame Cama, by Jeff
Thursday presentation on Pandita Ramabai, by Ben

9–15 Oct

Mutiny, or War of Independence?
1857: myths, realities, representations

Ghose, Tytler, Pouchepadass

No class Tuesday—Fall Reading days

Monday’s film (at 7:00 p.m.!):
A Passage to India (Lean, 1984), 163 minutes

Thursday presentation on Rani of Jhansi (Laxmibai), by Michelle

Tuesday trip to DC for visas & lunch. Depart campus at 8:00 a.m.

16–22 Oct

1857, moving into…

Tuesday: Mangal Pandey

Thursday: Zareer Masani, Bean or Tarlo article on Khadi

Monday’s film (at 7:00 p.m.!)
Mangal Pandey (Mehta, 2005), 150 minutes

Tuesday presentation on Sister Nivedita (Margaret Noble), by Keith
Thursday presentation on Muhammed Ali Jinnah, by Keeri


23–29 Oct

The rise of Nationalism
The Quit India movement, communalism, Gandhi

Tuesday:Bhagat Singh

Thursday: Train to Pakistan

Monday’s film (at 7:00 p.m.!): The Legend of Bhagat Singh (Santoshi, 2002), 155 minutes

Tuesday presentation on Jawaharlal Nehru, by Liz
Thursday presentation on Subhash Chandra Bose, by Sarah

Photographs of Partition era by Margaret Bourke-White, from new edition of Train to Pakistan.

30 Oct–5 Nov


Tuesday: Train to Pakistan, Butalia

Thursday: Cracking India, to p. 149

Monday’s film (at 7:00 p.m.!):
(Attenborough, 1982), 188 minutes

Bapsi Sidhwa’s homepage
an article on partition literature

A map of Partition
Archived documents relating to Partition

Tuesday presentation on Louis Mountbatten (1sr Earl Mountbatten of Burma), by Paige
Thursday presentation on B.R. Ambedkar, by Ian

6–12 Nov


Tuesday: Cracking India, to end

Midnight’s Children, to p. 104

Monday’s film:
Earth (Mehta, 1998), 110 minutes

Begin reading Midnight’s Children. I mean it.

Tuesday presentation on Indira Gandhi, by Jordan
Thursday presentation on Mother Teresa, by Alissa

13–19 Nov

India as Nation

Midnight’s Children
to page 247 for Tuesday
to page 366 for Thursday


Monday’s film: Salaam Bombay! (Nair, 1988), 114 minutes

see the website

Tuesday presentation on the Sonagachi Project, by Jeremy P.
Thursday presentation on Azim Premji, by Eric

20–26 Nov

Midnight’s Children

Thursday: No class—Thanksgiving Break

Monday’s film:.(at 7:00 p.m.!): Rang de Besanti (Mehra, 2006), 171 minutes

27 Nov–3 Dec

The last gasp of Rushdie—and more Mehta

Tuesday: Midnight’s Children, to end (plus discussion of Fire)

Thursday: Attend Wendy Doniger's Lecture at 8:00 in lieu of class

Monday’s film:
(Mehta, 1996),104 mins

Tuesday presentation on Shabana Azmi, by Jeremy R.
Thursday presentation on L.K. Advani, by Camille

4–10 Dec

Contemporary India
Communalisms legacies; changing mores, Indias place in the world

The God of Small Things (through p. 129 for Tuesday)

Monday’s film:
Monsoon Wedding (Nair, 2001),114 mins

Tuesday presentation on Arundhati Roy, by Roya
Thursday presentation on ?, by Alison

Final Paper Due Sunday by 8 p.m.

14 Dec final exam meeting—7:00 p.m.