Philosophy links assembled by Michael Taber


Large, central sites:

  • Philosophy Education Resource Guide—assembled by SmartScholar, this helpful page runs the gamut from study aids, teaching aids, philosophy blogs and podcasts, etc.
  • PhilEvents—a site listing hundreds of scheduled philosophy conferences
  • Philosophy Updates – a Google Groups discussion board, for updates on conferences, etc.
  • American Philosophical Association -- the home page for the APA has publications available, a directory of addresses of philosophers and departments, and links to many other sites.
  • Guide to Philosophy on the Internet -- assembled by Peter Suber, a professor of philosophy at Earlham College (in Indiana); although he stopped updating it in 2003, this site still has links to many other sites, on everything from pages about particular philosophers to pages about how to write a philosophy paper.

General reference sites:

Sites exclusively for original philosophy:

  • EJAP -- the Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy is edited by Craig DeLancey of Indiana University's Department of Philosophy.
  • Minerva -- a refereed journal of philosophy, edited by Dr. Stephen Thornton; includes a helpful list of other electronic journals in philosophy.

Course materials:

Ethics sites:

  • Larry Hinman's Ethics Updates -- includes many discussions of ethical issues and various aspects of ethical theories, including bibliographic information; also includes links to some primary texts in the history of philosophy.

Zeno of Elea:

  • Quick -- a biography and quick discussion of the paradoxes, from those at Seton Hall University.
  • Involved -- an account of some of the paradoxes for the more mathematically conversant; also from Seton Hall University.


  • Plato and His Dialogues -- good, comprehensive site on Plato, assembled by Bernard Suzanne.
  • Cyberspace Devoted to the Study of Classical Athens -- authored by Christopher Planeaux, this contains a good biography and history about Plato.
  • The Socrates Project -- from Clarke College in Iowa, an annotated electronic text of Plato's Apology, Euthyphro, Crito, and the death scene from the Phaedo, intended especially to help beginning readers of these works.
  • Outline of the Euthyphro -- from Cynthia Freeland of the University of Houston.
  • Outline of the Meno -- also from Cynthia Freeland of the University of Houston.


Hellenistic Philosophy and Neoplatonism:

Immanuel Kant:

  • Dr. Steve Palmquist's Kant on the Web page, from his site at the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Hong Kong Baptist University


Fyodor Dostoevsky:

Friedrich Nietzsche:

Ayn Rand:   


Events at other local departments: