Global Justice

Professor: John Schroeder

Asian University for Women

Fall 2014

Welcome to the website for the Global Justice course at AUW. The “Course Resources” box on the right contains links to important information for the course, including the reading schedule, tips for writing essays, helpful internet links related to the course, and more. Be sure to check the “Reading Schedule” link to keep up on the daily readings since it will most likely change.

You can also download all (or most) of the course material and read them on your computer, but don’t forget to come to class with some version of the daily readings--either with your computer or a print version.

And below is an “Announcements” section that will notify the class of upcoming events, due dates, and other important items.

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Important Announcements

Katie Sadd is our TA for Global Justice. You can contact her here:

November 25

Don’t forget to drop off your journals at Professor Katie’s desk, and don’t forget that the final essay is due December 24. 

Prompts for the final essay have been posted to the website. You can access it from the links above. 


Download the Syllabus Here:

Global Justice Syllabus 2014

And be sure to check out the “useful links” page under Course Resources to learn more about the traditions and philosophers we’ll be studying throughout the semester.