Seeing The Connections: Abstract Algebra & High School Mathematics

Welcome to my Senior Project. The main focus of my project was to ask myself how Abstract Algebra relates to high school and how I can use my knowledge of Abstract Algebra as a resource when I start teaching. For a brief overview please click on the far left blue oval.

As I have realized over the past few years, teaching involves looking at the outcomes before coming up with a lesson plan. If you click on the far right yellow circle you will be able to take a closer look on what the Marylang Core Learning Outcomes are and how I can use Abstract Algebra concepts in the high school classroom to reach the state goals.

The middle ovals and rectangles are pieced together to determine the exact connections I have found. Each color stands for a different concept. The ovals to the left that connect with the focus questions are concepts that are major concepts in Abstract Algebra. The rectangular objects are more specific ideas within the major concepts that I see as valid connections that I can integrate into a high school Algebra or Geometry classroom. Finally the ovals to the right that are connected to the core learning goals are units in an Algebra or Geometry classroom where I can integrate the specific Abstract Algebra ideas. Feel free to click on any of the colored shapes. Each click will take you to a new page with the connected ovals and rectangle where there will be a brief introduction of the topic and an opportunity to plunge into more detailed material and examples.

I could not have done this project without the knowledge I have gained from my Abstract Algebra professor Dr. Richard Stark, my advisor Dr. Dave Kung, or my cooperating teachers Mike Winegrad and Tom Galligan, and last but not least, all of the text and internet resources. The resources can be found by clicking on resources.

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