David T. Kung

Professor of Mathematics (2000)

Ph.D., Wisconsin 2000

Office: Schaefer Hall, Room 175
Phone: x4433 (240-895-4433)
Email: dtkung@smcm.edu
Personal Website: www.davekung.com
2013-14 Academic Year: On Sabbatical!

It's finally here!

How Mathematics and Music Relate

is a 12-lecture DVD course from the Teaching Company. "Labor of Love" perfectly describes the process of doing putting this course together - both of those words are key.
Questions about Math & Music? Post them to the Teaching Co. forum for the course. Past Courses
My math interests include harmonic analysis, math education, and the Putnam Exam - 2011 marked the 12th straight year SMCM has fielded a team, and have a rivalry with Gettysburg College, the winner of which retains the Putnam Lamp. I run SMCM's first NSF-funded REU, the ESP-REU, as well as an NSF-funded scholarship program for STEM students with financial need, the STEM Navigators program. I have now retired as "Grand Poobah" of the Young Mathematicians' Network, a group which serves the community of up-and-coming mathematicians.

Lately I have done a lot of work surrounding Math & Social Justice, including running a break-out session at several Project NExT meetings, which included both Powerpoint Slides and Sample Activities.

Outside of math, I enjoy lots of different sports, including ultimate frisbee, running (I finally ran a 5k in under 20 minutes!), biking, and swimming (Alex taught me how to swim butterfly so well that I can beat him now!) Sometimes I combine sports and do triathlons. I love traveling around the world - I took my family to China for my sabbatical year, volunteer for Obama, play the violin, and used to have long hair. (Here you can watch a barber in Ouarzazate, Morocco cutting off my pony tail.)