David T. Kung

Professor of Mathematics (2000)

Ph.D., Wisconsin 2000

Office: Schaefer Hall, Room 175
Phone: x4433 (240-895-4433)
Email: dtkung@smcm.edu
Personal Website: www.davekung.com

Current Courses: Calc I

Foundations of Math (FOM) (a.k.a. Intro to Proofs)

You can also dig into my Past Courses or my CV

My math interests include harmonic analysis, math education, and the Putnam Exam - 2013 marked the 14th straight year SMCM has fielded a team, and have a rivalry with Gettysburg College, the winner of which retains the Putnam Lamp. I run the MAA's professional development program for new math faculty, called Project NExT. I used to run SMCM's first NSF-funded REU, the ESP-REU, as well as an NSF-funded scholarship program for STEM students with financial need, the STEM Navigators program. When I was a "young mathematician", I was "Grand Poobah" of the Young Mathematicians' Network, a group which serves the community of up-and-coming mathematicians.

I love both math and music (I play the violin) - two topics you can hear all about in How Mathematics and Music Relate a 12-lecture DVD course from the Teaching Company. "Labor of Love" perfectly describes the process of doing putting this course together - both of those words are key.
(Have a question about Math & Music? Post it to the Teaching Co. forum for the course.)
Lately I have done a lot of work surrounding Math & Social Justice, including running a break-out session at several Project NExT meetings, which included both Powerpoint Slides and Sample Activities.

Outside of math, I enjoy lots of different sports, including ultimate frisbee, running (I finally ran a 5k in under 20 minutes!), biking, and swimming (Alex taught me how to swim butterfly so well that I can beat him now!) Sometimes I combine sports and do triathlons. I love traveling around the world with my family - most recently for a semester in Hong Kong, volunteer for Obama, and used to have long hair. (Here you can watch a barber in Ouarzazate, Morocco cutting off my pony tail.)